Dingle Day Tour From Cork City, Limerick City and Killarney Town!

The Dingle Day Tour is a great Day Tour to take with Paddywagon Tours From Cork City, Limerick City and Killarney Town. Jump on board the Paddywagon Tours bus and you will fall in love with Dingle.  You will be transported to another world full of the Irish scenery , tranquil landscape, green fields and the beautiful blue Atlantic Oceanic views. This tour might also be very helpful to you , if you were to combine it with a 2 Day Kerry Tour, in which you can visit Ring of Kerry  on Day 1 ,with an overnight stay in scenic Killarney. The landscape of the open Dingle Peninsula can be viewed on Day 2.

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The Dingle Day Tour is excellently priced, and the tour itself will provide a very knowledgeable and respectful driver guide who specialises in his route ,to this tranquil part of the Kingdom of Kerry.  Listen to your guides  many stories and songs of the area, with lots of the Irish culture explained and defined.  Learn of the famous people who once lived here.

Dingle is  located in West Co. Kerry and is a Gaeltacht area , known especially for its wide open scenery, its rural and untouched landscape and its many tales of the land and the sea. Dingle has a history dating back to 6,000 years BC. The beauty of the landscape in Dingle and the surrounding areas is peppered with a vast amount of archaeological sites and monuments , and will of course amaze the  traveller in  the region. Non intensive farming practices mean that the majority of these ruins and monuments are undisturbed and are laid bare on the earth’s surface  for everyone to see.


The Paddywagon Tour to Dingle also stops by the fantastic and extremely beautiful Inch Beach. This is of course is  a favourite among tourists, travellers, surfers and of course families alike, due to its unique beauty, and its wide open beach space. Hear the waves crash in your ear as you look out from the height of the nearby road. Revel in its magic and beauty. Breath in the clean , healthy,  and salty Kerry air!

A very important part of this tour is Slea Head Drive, otherwise known  locally as ” Ventry”. While on your Paddywagon Day Tour to  Slea Head Drive note how  breathtaking this region is. Perfect for art lovers, poets and artists of all kinds, this unforgettable drive will leave you wanting to stay longer. Breath in the fresh air and take photographs as you stand along the cliff edge and roadside looking down onto the wild Atlantic Ocean, with its ever changing colours of blue and turquoise.Feel at one with nature here and look out to the vastness of the ocean. Watch the seagulls sit on the very walls that soak up the sea salt and the temperate Irish sun rays.   This beauty is like no other, enjoy every second of this amazing drive! Along the way you will see the monastic beehive huts , with their perfect rounded shape, why not look inside, see their incredible craftsmanship from 6,000 years ago. The Slea Head Grotto is also on this memorable journey, the grotto is itself is situated in a poignant place overlooking the Blasket Islands. Both tranquillity and  spirituality are entwined perfectly as one here at this point, on the drive.  The tour also visits Clogerhead , which is famously known for the film – ” Far and Away”. You can almost imagine Cruz and Kidman being on this stretch of famous land, and how they felt in their situation. What a perfect place to have a film set, with green fields and hypnotic ocean as your background!  The Sleeping Giant can also be seen near Clogherhead, make sure to watch out for him as he is stretched out on the surface of the ocean!


Dingle town is also a significant feature of this tour. Why not have a spot of lunch here and wander and meander  through the tiny, old fashioned and well maintained streets. Enjoy fresh fish and chips while here from the many  friendly restaurants. Pop into Murphy’s Ice- Cream for unique Dingle flavours of brown bread ice-cream and Dingle Sea Salt. Enjoy and savour the moment!  Visit the stunning  local church and possibly have a look at the beautiful and many art galleries in which you will find in Dingle town. Pottery shops, art and photography shops are popular here and  these   really strive to take in the local scenery. Wool shops, and craft shops are popular too, as Dingle has an abundance of sheep on its hills, and local crafts people who love their craft.

On returning to your city of choice, feast your imagination on the perfect countryside of Cork, Kerry or Limerick. Note its green fields and leafy trees. Your tour guide will have  you singing  in song and  will have captivated  you to return again! Enjoy, take a picture and remember fondly!