Latest News For 2014 From Paddywagon!

Paddywagon Tours Is Delighted To Announce some exciting changes to our tours for 2014!  We will continue to offer our world-famous tours of Ireland but we have made changes to make things even better for our customers.

The first big change is that we will now offer an option to stay in hotels on all our tours.  We currently offer the option of staying in shared backpacker dorms or upgrading to staying in private rooms in Bed and Breakfasts.  Now, we will also offer a premium accommodation option for those who wish to stay in hotels throughout their tour.  This has been following passenger requests from those who wish to enjoy our fun tours of Ireland, while enjoying hotel standard accommodation.  This option will be available on all our tours with overnight stays.

We are also launching a new Historical and cultural Tour!  Our tours are always for the young and young at heart, and offer a way to see the beautiful Irish Countryside.  We pride ourselves on offering fun tours which also allow our guests to enjoy the history and culture of Ireland.  We promise songs and stories, laughter and folklore, and memories to last a lifetime.  All our tours are suitable for travellers of all ages as long as they have a fun outlook on life.  However, we know there are those people who would like to experience even more of the History and Culture of Ireland.  So from June-September we will now offer a new 9 day Tour.  This will be known as the 9 day Classic.  This tour will focus more on the history and culture of Ireland, and will have a newly planned itinerary! We will be posting more details here soon so if you are coming to Ireland in 2014 check back for more info!