Paddywagon Specifies Extra Safety Feature in all coaches – Alcolock is here!!



Paddywagon tours have specified the latest safety features in all their new coaches.  All coaches this year will be fitted with an Alcolock!  Although not compulsory at present, this new feature means that the bus will not start unless the driver provides a clear breath sample into the Alcolock device.  In the photo above, tour chieftain Gabriel is demonstrating the new technology.  His result below on the device shows that the bus can now start and the journey begins!!


This technology is approved by insurance companies and the authorities and ensures that nobody can ever drive a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol.  We know all our drivers already take this subject very seriously, and would never break the law, but this device ensures that nobody can ever break the rules.  The photograph below shows three of our latest coaches which are all fitted with this technology.  It will be introduced in all our fleet shortly, and ensures we continue to operate one of the safest and modern fleet of coaches in the world.  So join us this year for a tour of Ireland!  You are in safe hands!!