Touring East Cork

While most visitors to Cork head west from the city to places such as Bantry, Skibbereen, and Glengarriff, the county’s eastern towns such as Cobh and Middleton are well worth chec

Halloween in Ireland

Did you know that Halloween has its roots in the ancient Irish festival of Samhain? This archaic Gaelic event celebrated the autumn harvest and marked the onset of winter.

Visiting Cork City

Cork may be Ireland’s second city but it is a distant second, with a population of just under 120,000 compared to 1,275,000 in Dublin.

Touring County Cork – The Highlights

Cork is a historic and vibrant city and if you’re in Ireland with some extra time, it is definitely a place to visit! Top Reasons to Visit Bantry House – This is one of the f

Dublin West

Most Dubliners would agree that the west part of city begins far outside the city centre but for the purposes of exploring the tourist hotspots we’ve designated Dublin West a

The West Midlands

This area is Ireland’s most sparsely populated but you will find some small villages and larger towns spread across the landscape from Longford to Leitrim.

The East Midlands

Take a trip outside Dublin to a typical Irish town, some of which can be reached in less than an hour.

County Wicklow

Few realise just how close the Dublin and Wicklow mountains are to Dublin and if your visit to Ireland is limited to the east coast, a trip to the so-called Garden of Ireland shou

The Midlands

The Midlands is  a popular tourist destination because of it’s rich natural beauty including lakes, waterways and canals, along with rich culture and  history.