(Small Group) Giant's Causeway Tour from Dublin


We take in the beauty of Northern Ireland on this unforgettable day tour




07:30: We depart Dublin and begin our journey northward through the beautiful countryside. During our journey to Northern Ireland, we will be sure to take a comfort break where you can enjoy some light refreshments before we continue our route.

Our state-of-the-art Mercedes- Benz tour vehicle will seat no more than 25 passengers for maximum comfort.

Once we cross the border into Northern Ireland, we will venture through the scenic glacier-carved landscape known as the Glens of Antrim. We will have the opportunity to view beautiful mountains, rollings hills, and magnificent coastal views of Rathlin Island and the Shore’s of Scotland.

Giant’s Causeway

One of nature's most breathtaking sights, the causeway is made up of 40,000 hexagonal basalt columns that were created by volcanic activity 60 million years ago. However, legend has it that the Giant’s Causeway was used by legendary Irishman, Finn McCool, during his journey to fight the Scottish giant, Benandonner, and steal the most beautiful girl in all of the highlands. After viewing this unique UNESCO World Heritage Site, we will have time to stop for lunch where you can savor some local cuisine. With two hours and thirty minutes dedicated to the Causeway, you will have plenty of time to eat and experience this natural wonder.

NB: starting March 1st 2019 we have arranged for a specialist from the National Trust to join our small group for an in- depth walking tour of this UNESCO attraction. The tour fees are already covered by us and you can choose to take part if you wish or simply to explore by yourself at leisure. The inclusion of this specialist walking tour is unique in the market. No other day tour to Giant's Causeway includes this experience.


While in Northern Ireland’s capital you will have two hours to enjoy one of these two options, costs included;

A) The legendary ocean liner RMS Titanic was built here in Belfast’s docklands, which used to be the leading manufacturer of ships in the world. In order to commemorate the loss of the notorious cruise liner they have created the Titanic Experience. Opened on the 100th anniversary of the ship’s sinking, the exhibition brings to life the 40,000 workers who built the famed vessel and unveils unseen details of the Titanic’s tragic sinking on her maiden voyage in 1912. You will have the opportunity to experience original artifacts and virtual reality exhibits while exploring one of Belfast’s most famed attractions.

B) Belfast’s neighbourhoods are painted with infamous political murals and the prominent peace walls that are remnants and reminders of the conflict known as the Troubles (1969-1998). You will have the option to take a Black Taxi Tour of these neighborhoods where you can discover the dark history that lies behind these painting. The Black Taxi Tour guides are leading experts on the Troubles and are the perfect tour for those wanting to learn more about Ireland’s history.

Return to Dublin

We depart Belfast and make our way back to Dublin where will arrive at approximately 19:30 after an awe- inspiring day. Choose to drop- off either in downtown Dublin or at the same hotel you were collected from.

Guest advice:

During peak- season (May 1st - September 30th) multiple cruise ships are expected at the major ports on a daily basis. This small group tour tends to sell- out well ahead of departure for most dates within this period. Accordingly, we recommend advance reservation where possible, to avoid disappointment.

Would you like to travel for free?

We are seeking guests who would like to feature in short interviews on tour. A professional photographer / videographer will travel with your group and will interview you for a short video about your experience and take some highlight photographs. The rest of the day will be yours to relax as normal. If you'd like to participate, we'll refund the cost of your tickets and will also share copies of amazing photos for your own personal album. Naturally, we'll need you to sign a short waiver allowing us to use the content on our website(s).

To apply, simply A) book your tour using the calendar on this page and take note of the BID reference code on the ticket, B) film a short video message introducing yourself / yourselves (60 seconds approx - nothing fancy - you can shoot on an iphone) and C) email both to memories@paddywagontours.com (or share on Google Drive).

You'll need to apply at least 36 hours before your tour (72+ hours advance notice is preferable). If our videographer has a slot available on your date of travel we'll let you know by return email.

All videography slots are now full for 17APR19 - 22APR19. We are now accepting applications for 23APR19 - 28APR19.

Hope to hear from you soon!